A collection of 2050 unique NFT waifus
living on Solana blockchain

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Stage 1
  • Minting of the SolChans
  • We'll do our best to list SolChans on all of the major marketplaces: DigitalEyes, Solsea, Solanart
  • A tool to check the authenticity of the SolChans will be released on our website: you will be able to check the authenticity by Token ID or marketplace link
Stage 2
  • 25% of the secondary market royalties will be used for sweeping the floor
  • Another 25% will be distributed among SolChan holders on weekly basis (exact terms will be published after mint)
Stage 3
  • Airdrop for SolChan holders: SolChan cute pet NFTs
  • Premium secondary market NFTs price analysis tool
    • Will be free for the first 3 months for the SolChan holders
    • For the next 3 months SolChan holders will receive a 50% discount

We have more exciting ideas which we will share in our Discord and let the community vote for best ideas and their places in the roadmap!


What is Solchan NFT?
A collection of 2050 unique NFT waifus living on Solana blockchain
What can I do with Solchan NFT?
Everything you want, you can sell, transfer or even burn it.
Also we're working on SolChan DAO project. Stay tuned!
How do I purchase Solchan NFT?
Buy on Solsea or Digital Eyes
Who are the team?
We are a team of five friends from different parts of the world, who is working hard to bring Solchan to life!
Are you affiliated with other projects?
There is no affiliation at the moment, but we'll look for partnership options.